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The Humble Beginnings of Tim Woodard, Morristown, TN

November 23, 2018
Tim Woodard, who is now a Morristown, TN mediator, was the first in his family to obtain a degree, but he didn’t stop at one. He made the most of his opportunity, earning an Associate’s Degree in History and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. Both degrees were obtained by earning scholarships, and he used scholarships to pay to earn a Juris Doctor Law Degree, as well. After taking the Tennessee Bar Exam, Tim decided to settle in his hometown, where he is now one of the most prominent mediators in the region.

All those scholarships are one reason why he loves to give back to the community surrounding Morristown, TN. Tim Woodard’s background also made him the mediator he is, which is also a very good thing. His background was very humble and Tim carries both the humility and the blue collar work ethic that came along with it. He believes that makes him a “man of the people,” and it is that attitude that has made him successful. He is proud to be the first person in his family given the opportunity to get a college degree, and he will always appreciate that.